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3 reasons to love YOGOJI™

1.  Access over 400 yoga-themed icons, including every asana you can pretzel yourself into.

2.  Plan, save and share your yoga classes with the Sequence Notepad. Use it as a tool in your own practice or to teach others. 

3.  Pimp your text and email comms yogi-style and make every message lol-worthy.

PRO TIP: When you hold down any asana icon, you can also view their English and Sanskrit names. #winning

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Available from IOS and Android app stores. Images shown for IOS only.


The Asana Poster

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"The coolest yoga app to hit the market this decade."

— The Huffington Post

Express Your Inner Guru

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YOGOJI™ is brought to you by Ganesh

You can't argue with the God of Intellect and Remover of Obstacles...just kidding.

But really, can you?

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