Yoga sequencing made easy

Flow is the name of the game when it comes to sequencing in yoga.

However, as in life, so too on the mat, it's sometimes easier said than done. That's why preparation is key, whether you've carved out a few moments to ground yourself before the day begins, or if you're leading a class.

Getting your asanas in order can sometimes feel like doing your taxes. Necessary, but tedious. That's why YOGOJI was created - to make the process of planning your yoga practice fun, quick and the opportunity for creativity that it can be.

Regardless of what school of yoga you practice – Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha – it's important not just for your 'yoga mojo' but also for safety, that asanas are sequenced logically, in a step-by-step fashion.

Your sequence of poses should move from less challenging to more challenging, incrementally building to the session's 'piece de resistance' (e.g. headstand), followed by a progressive wind down, ending with relaxation.


What happens when sequencing goes wrong

 We've all been in classes where poses are clumsily put together – first you're on the mat then you're standing with no in-between poses to smooth the way.

YOGOJI helps you plan sequences that flow smoother than a hot knife through butter, by grouping poses by category and making the whole process visual and fun.

Once you've downloaded the app and are ready to rock and roll, here are some tips for adding a little artistry to your sequencing.

Think of it like a meal...

The 'entree, main, dessert' sequence is the equivalent of the traditional 'beginning, middle, end' approach.

It's just one of many ways to plan your practice, but one you'll find most commonly used in standard yoga classes. It begins with centering (a simple breathing or meditation exercise), followed by some poses that warm up the body, opening up the hips and groin.

A sequence of asanas follows. This could be a series of sun salutes, standing postures, arm balances, inversions, abdominal postures, twists and a wind down to Savasana.

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The laser focus

Another sequencing approach is to focus on one pose (e.g. Triangle) and to return back to it again and again.

Each time you return to Triangle, you focus on a different part of your body in that pose (e.g. feet, legs, spine or arms). The other asanas in the sequence can revolve around Triangle to investigate it fully – but always, there needs to be a natural progression.

Sequence any posture category quickly and easily with YOGOJI

With over 400 icons to play with, YOGOJI was designed by a yoga student who had just taken teacher training and found there wasn't a quick and easy way to visually notate the sequences she was planning for her classes.

She also wanted to learn the English and Sanskrit names for the different poses and found writing or typing them out was a total drag. And so YOGOJI was born!

YOGOJI is also split into different pose categories, so you can easily see related poses and plan a logical sequence quickly and easily. Plus, the app gives you English and Sanskrit names for poses, so you're always in the know.



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