Features and Benefits

Express your inner guru with yogoji

With over 400 icons relating to yoga, fitness, health and wellbeing, YOGOJI is the easiest way to quickly notate your yoga sequences and massively ramp up the fun factor of your text messages and emails.  Here's six reasons to fall in love with YOGOJI...

VARIETY IS THE SPICE IN YOUR CHAI LATTE  YOGOJI gives you a whopping 400, shiny new icons to play with, ranging from spiritual kitsch (think dream catchers and bindis) to every yoga pose it's possible to pretzel yourself into. 

PIMP YOUR TEXTS YOGA-STYLE  Install the YOGOJI Keyboard on your smartphone and make every message lol-worthy. 

LET IT FLOW  YOGOJI's Sequencing Notepad is the quickest way to plan, save and share your yoga class sequences. Use it as a tool in your own practice, or to teach others. 

FIND YOUR ASANA EASILY  YOGOJI icons are grouped by category: standing, prone, seated, supine, arm balances, backbends and inversions – and then by level of difficulty. Silky smooth sequencing just became a cinch. 

PRACTICE YOUR ENGLISH AND SANSKRIT  Tap and hold any asana in the Keyboard to view both names. Select either one and it'll display with the YOGOJI for quick recall.

SIZE MATTERS  YOGOJI are slightly bigger than emoji. No magnifying glass required here! 


How it Works

Using YOGOJI is as easy as nodding off in Savasana

Once you've downloaded the YOGOJI App, follow these simple steps and you'll be YOGOJI-ing like a pro in no time.

  1.  Install the YOGOJI Keyboard.
  2. Send your first text using YOGOJI Keyboard icons.
  3. Create, save and share yoga sequences using the YOGOJI Sequence Notepad.

YOGOJI is currently only available for devices running iOS. However, fear not Android users! Our techno-team are busy beavering away in the YOGOJI basement, to bring the app to your platform too. 

Express your inner guru with the ultimate yoga keyboard for your smart phone.