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With over 400 icons relating to yoga, fitness, health and wellbeing,YOGOJI™ is the easiest way to quickly notate your yoga sequences and massively ramp up the fun factor of your text messages and email.

Icons are grouped within the YOGOJI™ Keyboard by category and then by progression within that category, so knowing what pose should come next is always a breeze. YOGOJI™ also features both the English and Sanskrit names for each asana, assisting recall.    

The icons can be copied and pasted into text messages and emails, giving users a fun, yoga-themed way to express what they're doing and feeling.

One of the app's unique features is its Sequence Notepad. This enables students and teachers to notate sequences of poses, with the tap of a finger. 

Packed with attitude, a quirky sense of humour and a healthy (ir)reverence for the practice, YOGOJI™ is offered to yogi's in the same spirit of creative playfulness that's possible in yoga when we remember to smile.

RELEASE DATE:  09 August 2016

PLATFORM:  iOS9+ iPhone 5 and above

PRICE:  AUD $2.99 /  USD $1.99 / GBP £1.49 


Meet YOGOJI's Founder 

Heidi Ireland

Modern yogi. Digital devotee. Pixel perfectionist.

Over the last 14 years, Heidi has forged an impressive career within the Australian marketing industry. From senior roles in the automotive sector, to her own boutique digital strategy consultancy, she has risen to the pinnacle of her profession by perfecting the ability to put digital assets into eager, outstretched hands.

In 2011 Heidi collided – minus graceful preamble – into a back injury.  Once back on her feet, she continued her rehab through the somewhat unconventional route of Hip Hop Yoga.

A sucker for a chunky bass line, Heidi fell in love with her new practice and soon after began Yoga Teacher Training. This experience brought to light a number of challenges that both yoga students and teachers share, informing YOGOJI's core functionality.

Heidi realised that the App had to do double duty. Firstly, as a training aid that offered something unique. And secondly, as a way of making fun, yoga inspired icons available to anyone who doesn't consider falling out of a pose a spiritual crime.

“The thing I love about creating digital products is that through them, we can make the complex, simple, for users. I’ve always loved exploring the possibilities technology provides. I’m absolutely an early adopter – I've had a thing for gadgets for as long as I can remember!”

After scoping out the opportunity for YOGOJI™ on a trip to New York City in August 2015, Heidi engaged an experienced digital team. From there, she was intimately involved in every aspect of YOGOJI's development – from icon development and app functionality, through to the user experience and the smallest details of its vibrant, urban, aesthetic. 

“Once I get my head around a digital objective, I pretty quickly form a really strong visual. Next, I move into the scoping phase. I get an insane level of satisfaction from creating flows and automated processes that will deliver an exceptional and personalised customer experience at scale.” 

“The way digital products look and feel is really important to me. So much so that colleagues call me the Pixel Perfectionist! I think an App's aesthetic is critical to building a lasting connection with the user. As long as you’ve scoped the idea thoroughly, I don’t believe it's something you should ever have to compromise on.” 

A year after the idea was conceived, YOGOJI™ launched. A Yoga App designed with a sense of fun, for those who also want to deepen their practice. Featuring an in-built Sequencing Notepad and over 400 slick icons - from yoga poses, to health, fitness, food and spirituality related icons - YOGOJI™ isn't just practical, it's an irresistibly fun way to unleash your inner, cheeky guru. 


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