It all started with the bass. You know the kind. Powerful. Primal... The type that makes you want to twerk a trunk full of junk.

Crunchy bass. Chunky drums. Reverberating up and down your spine, gettin' busy with your chakras. 

It's here, in a hip-hop yoga studio, that our story begins...

The year is 2014. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have 'consciously uncoupled'. Solange Knowles (aka Beyonce's little sister) has made headline news thanks to that elevator altercation with Jay Z. And Kimye's ubiquity has peaked on the cover of Vogue.

 It's also the year that YOGOJI's Founder is recovering from cartwheel-ing, rather ungracefully, into a back injury. 

Fortunately, Hip Hop Yoga comes to the rescue. Yep, really… 

In no time at all she's getting down(ward dog) to the rhythm of the beat, happily falling face-first out of poses and discovering that laughter reallyis the best medicine. 

No amount of bums in faces, endless Utkatasana holds or week-long juice cleanses can put her off.

One thing leads to another and soon it's off to Yoga Teacher Training, with cooler-than-a-frappuccino Californian guru, Steve Ross.

 Steve teaches that Happy Yoga is less about obsessing over precise alignment (both on and off the mat) and more about the simple, pure joy of just 'being'.

Too often, we bring our ideas of perfection to a practice that's actually about leaving those mental machinations behind. And we forget to lol.

With Happy Yoga vibes in the air, our girl sits down to plan her very first class. 

Major to notate the class' sequences quickly and easily?

If only there was an 'App for that'... And so YOGOJI is born!

*fast forward to present day*

While it was originally a way for yoga teachers to quickly and easily plan their classes, YOGOJ™I has moved up the karmic wheel to become so much more. 

Now it's the ultimate Yoga Keyboard and Sequence Notepad for your smartphone, packed with attitude, a quirky sense of humour and a healthy (ir)reverence for the practice. 

YOGOJI™ is offered to you in the same spirit of creative playfulness that's possible in yoga when we remember to smile.

So fool around and make it your own. Sure, use it as a tool to improve the study of your practice - but most of all, have fun!


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